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Seattle City Light offers rebates for windows, insulation and lighting to help make your 5+ unit property more energy efficient. City Light Program Coordinators will assist you with all aspects of the program. You can use any qualified installer to do the work, or choose from a list of contractors who have worked with City Light before.

Window Rebate Amounts

Single or Double-pane Windows;

  • $5 per square-foot discount when replacing single-pane windows with double-pane.
  • $3 per square-foot discount when replacing aluminum framed double-pane windows with new vinyl framed double-pane widows.

To Qualify

  • Building must be an apartment building, condominium, retirement community, or cooperative with 5+ units located in the Seattle City Light service area. Condominiums and cooperatives must have permission of the entire Association before a building survey is scheduled.
  • For windows and insulation rebates: In addition to above, building must also have

To Apply: Online Application

More Information

If you would like more information on the Multifamily Weatherization programs, please select from the choices below:


Window Rebate

There are many window rebate programs available.  To qualify for most programs you must reach a u-factor of .30 or below.  In most cases, the window rebate is offered on a Sq Ft. basis; I.E. you get so many dollars a sq ft for reaching the requirements.   In order to utilize their window rebate, you must be one of their customers.

To see if you qualify for a window rebate, go to and look for rebate finder. Insert your zip code and click on windows and it will show the available rebates in your area. If you don't see any window rebates check with your public utility because it may not have been posted. 

2013 Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency

ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors, and skylights can reduce your energy bills up to 15% while helping protect the environment.

About ENERGY STAR Residential Windows, Doors and Skylights




Replacing old windows with ENERGY STAR qualified windows lowers household energy bills by 7-15 percent. Lower energy consumption also reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and shrinks a house's carbon footprint.

Learn about the benefits of ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors & skylights.

Get information about tax credits for windows, doors, and skylights.

NOTE: Tax credits that were 30% up to $1,500 EXPIRED on December 31, 2010. New tax credits were passed, but at lower levels. Summary of changes.

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